…The food was so good that I honestly didn’t feel deprived!

‘Before I started working with Emma I thought I ate well and was pretty fit – it took my initial assessment and first training session to prove how wrong I was!! What I have learned in just 8 weeks has completely changed my attitude to fitness and nutrition. I now know how to quickly and easily prepare delicious and wholesome meals. I have to admit I was concerned when I started the 28 day plan, because I usually do a 5 day detox and am dying for it to finish, but the food was so good that I honestly did not feel deprived and am more than happy to continue with the maintenance plan.  My results showed that I initially lost 7 pounds and 2.5% body fat. Would I recommend Emma to others?  I already have lol!!

Suzy Connolly – Optician, Wirral UK