Baked Honey Mustard Salmon

With Steamed Asparagus and Baked Baby Tomatoes


1-2 salmon fillet(s)

1/2 tsp wholegrain mustard

1 tsp dijon mustard

2 tsp runny honey

1 tsp olive oil

8 asparagus spears (per person)

5 cherry or baby tomatoes per person (sliced in half)

Olive oil, Himalayan salt and black pepper for seasoning

1/2 of whole lemon + one thin slice for garnish

1-2 handfuls (per person) baby spinach, rocket, lambs lettuce or any green leaves to serve.


Prepare the honey mustard marinade – In a glass jar or jug combine honey, mustards and olive oil, add a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly to make a well blended marinade.

Place the salmon fillet(s) into a sealable container, spoon the marinade on top of the salmon and using your clean hands, roll the raw salmon fillets in the marinade to cover thoroughly then seal with the containers lid and set aside to sit for at least 20mins.

Tip: The longer the better for most marinades, so if you have longer, marinade for up to 12 hours. Make sure if you are marinading for more than 20mins to store the fish in the fridge, then twenty minutes before steaming set the salmon on the bench top to bring closer to room temperature.

Pre-heat oven to 200 C (fan bake) / gas 3-4

Start to bring water for steaming the asparagus to the boil on the stove top.

Wrap the salmon fillet(s) into tin foil parcels and place them onto a baking tray

Lay the cherry tomato halves (insides facing up) on a non stick baking tray, which can be the same tray as the salmon parcels if you have limited trays and oven space) – season the tomatoes with salt and pepper and a small drizzle of olive oil (optional)

Once oven is up to heat bake both tomatoes and salmon for 10-12 mins or until salmon is cooked to your liking. Depending on the oven or size of salmon fillet, you may find 7/8minutes is all it takes for your personal preference of salmon texture. It should be hot all the way through and fall apart easily when tested with a knife or fork.

After washing and preparing the asparagus, place inside one steamer basket ready to stack onto the steamer 5 minutes before the salmon and tomatoes will be ready.

Lay the leaves as a bed for the salmon on each plate, drizzle with a quick squirt of fresh lemon juice.

Serve the salmon on top of the green leaves, next to the asparagus and scatter the roasted baked tomato halves around the plate.

Further season with salt and pepper to taste.