Health Drinks, Juices & Smoothies

Super Green Smoothies

Green drinks are popular for a reason! They are the ultimate veggie fast food! A perfect nutritious way to satisfy a snack-attack and get copious amounts of green foods down the hatch! Main benefits include – high antioxidant properties and alkalising effects!

Pro Green (protein) Smoothies

These Pro Green Smoothies have the additional benefit of nutritious vegetable proteins! They make a delicious and nutritious addition to your healthy breakfast regime and are perfect for pre and post exercise. I love to drink these to support my liver and detoxification organs on a daily basis!

Raw Juices

Raw vegetable juices are a sure way to get vital nutrients and enzymes into your system fast! Juices remove the fiber from the raw ingredients, allowing fast and efficient absorption of Mother Nature’s nectars. I always recommend juicing, but of course don’t forget you still need whole food fibre intake from salads, cooked vegetables and drink smoothies. Consume a wide variety of fresh produce to maximise all the benefits!

Morning Liver Flush

These liver supporting tonics will kick start your system in a healthy way each morning. Remember cleansing is for life, not just (post) Christmas

Banalmond Smoothie

Like dunking your banana in the jar of almond butter, but cooler, creamier and way less sticky!

Chocolate Mud Shake

No promotion necessary – if you are a choc-o-holic – health-o-holic hybrid – this one is for you!