Desserts and Sweet Treats

Banana Pecan & Chocolate Chia Cake

This has to be my favourite cuppa-tea companion. I came up with this ‘free-from’ cake mix through pure experimentation, but as it turned out it’s light, delicious and nutritious and is a regular resident of my superfood pantry.

Blush Pear & Butternut Brownies

Veggies in a brownie – who knew! I have to admit I was seriously chuffed when I created these little puppies – delicious gluten, dairy and sugar free treats that can be enjoyed as a nutritious snack!

Raspberry Coconut Love Balls

Oooof these little lovely love balls are just divine – nourish your body whilst seeing to that 4pm sleepy slump when you’re looking for a sweet treat!

Chocolate Avo Mousse

A nutrient-dense twist on a classic chocolate dessert. Full of antioxidants and healthy omega fats this sweet snack/dessert is perfect for a movie night in without the guilt.