Sticky Oregano Eggs with Avo


2 Eggs
1 Large or 2 small pieces of German Rye or Sourdough bread
Dried oregano (and fresh as an option for garnish)
1/2 Avocado
Optional pumpkin, sunflower or other seed mix and Himalayan salt & black pepper


Make the sticky eggs: Using a spoon, gently place whole eggs (shell on) into the boiling water. begin timer. After 6.5-7 minutes remove pan from hob, drain away the boiling water and replace with cold. After 30 sec or so peel the eggs using the water to help remove the shell.

Make the toast – Whilst the eggs are cooking, toast the bread and when hot, spread the avocado on top. Place each of the cooked and peeled sticky eggs on top of the avocado, and using a knife, slice through the centre to allow the sticky yolk to gently ooze out.
Dust with dried oregano, salt and pepper and optional seeds for added texture.