Super Stewed Berry Bowl

Fresh dried and frozen berries come together to create a summery taste sensation. Ooozing antioxidants, this dish will keep your cells smiling for days!

Easy Oatmeal

Avoid microwaved mush, without having to compromise on time in the morning. Easy Oatmeal is the quickest delicious hearty oat breakfast with no stove top necessary!

All Day Breaky

I LOVE breakfast! These are exactly the dishes I would choose to eat basically anytime of the day! I’m a leftovers / ‘bubble-n-squeek’ kind a girl – so this kinda dish always hits the spot!

Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

Say goodbye to cereal every morning! Smoothie Bowls are the in thing and for good reason – not only do you feel like your eating dessert for breakfast, you’re actually getting healthier! Win Win!

Sticky Oregano Eggs with Avo

If you’re anything like me, you will love slicing into a boiled egg – not too runny and not too hard. Combine this nutrient rich creamy yolk with avo and a dusting of oregano and you will know breakfast heaven!

Apple & Cinnamon Chia Bowl

A classic flavour combination with a chocolaty-nutty cameo makes this Omega-rich ‘porridge’ undeniably delicious and incredibly nutritious.