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Why Detox?

If you have followed my work for sometime now,  you’ll know that I LOVE good food and I LOVE to enjoy my social life, but that doesn’t stop me from putting health at the fore of my day-to-day living and it shouldn’t stop you either!

IMG_3802By cleansing your body regularly and taking care to nourish yourself the best you can as often as you can, you naturally allow yourself the space to be more relaxed from time to time with your food and drink without it causing too much collateral damage – i.e adding extra pounds on the hips or slightly more concerning, triggering a chronic disease. Regular cleansing and supported detoxification enables you to live a balanced life and be free from unhealthy soul-destroying obsessions (we’ve all been there) with dieting or weight gain!

A cleanse is also a great place to start to get yourself back on track if you are simply feeling at a loss with your health, or have fallen off the healthy, sexy, happy wagon so to speak! We ALL have times when life just gets in the way and our healthy regimes start to suffer. Generally we can easily recover with a bit of rest and refocus – but if you find you have been on the slippery slope for longer than you’d like, then friends, it is time to DETOX!

What do we mean when we say ‘Detox’?

IMG_3916…well essentially, what we really mean is a process of helping to make your natural cleansing organs and tissues including the Liver, Kidneys, Bowels, Lungs and Lymph and Blood systems – work as optimally and efficiently as possible without stress or additional load.

You see we live in a world and participate in lifestyle practices that we aren’t really designed to deal with. The rate of increase in pollution and decrease in natural nutrition across our natural food sources has faced out sped our physiological adaptations to this environment and as a consequence, we get overloaded, unable to keep a healthy balanced internal state. We fall ill, lose energy, develop allergies and experience many chronic diseases ultimately as a result of METABOLIC IMBALANCE.

What can we take to support the natural detoxification process?

When we make a conscious effort to support the body perform it’s natural healing and cleansing processes we start to become more metabolically balanced, reduce disease symptoms and of course lose excess body fat.


purifykit pic

A ‘Detox’ is a specific focused nutritional protocol to support our body to naturally cleanse and rebalance. It’s the most effective approach to long lasting good health and aesthetics. We must eat foods that are very high in nutritional value – with is less concern for calories and more interest in the value of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and quality of proteins – and we also choose natural nutritional supplements that are essentially concentrated foods with nutrition in quantities that are hard to get directly from the daily diet nowadays.

The Microbiome Purify Kit as pictured above is used in my ’21-Day Pure Body-Reset’ Programme. Not only cleanses, encourages weight loss and boosts energy but also resets the most important aspect of your metabolic makeup – your Microbiome

HSP pic

The Healthy Starter Programme is a 3 product combination specifically used in my 10 Day Delicious Detox.

The Liver follows a 3 step process for clearing all substances from the body, from alcohol, to pesticides to metabolic byproducts. In order to fully complete a safe and effective cleansing process, the Liver needs very specific nutrients. Many of which we can’t get in high levels from our Food sources because they are depleted due to many modern environmental factors. And so in my cleansing programmes such as my 10-Day Delicious Detox and 21-Day Pure Body-Reset Programme, I always encourage the use of herbal and nutritional medicinal foods and products along side a balanced clean diet, . They work exceptionally well and many of my clients can attest to their benefits.

The Healthy Starter Programme (pictured above) is used in my 10-day Delicious Detox Programme and provides a powerful combination of natural herbs, botanicals, liquid chlorophyll and important probiotics that encourage and support a total body cleanse. Supporting not only the Liver through the 3 steps of Metabolic Clearing (fancy name for detoxification) but also the blood, urinary, respiratory and digestive systems as well. Remember detox is about how well we support the body to clear waste and toxins on a daily basis. A 10 day focused cleanse will kick start your weight loss, increase energy and reduce bloating!


Reset your Body in 21 Days

In short, the 21-Day Pure Body Reset Programme works to purify your body and rebuild, rebalance and reset your own Microbiome and bring you closer to ‘Elite Health’.