Meet Emz

Emma Robertson
BPhEd (ExPx & SptsNt), HLC 1, BioSignaure 1, 3DPT, 200HRS YTT, Yoga Alliance

…If you follow your heart, you’ll never have to ask where to go or what to do next.

Hiya, I’m Emma (but you can call me Emz) and I’ve been following this mantra for a number of years now and so far is it yet to let me down!

Ordinarily, I would start by introducing myself as a Health & Nutrition Author and Coach and the creator of the Healthy Sexy Happy Programme, but these days after setting the intention 12 months ago to follow my bliss, work while I travel and find love and adventure in every day, that would be limited summary of who I really am!

Of course I absolutely LOVE my ‘day job’ – it allows me to fulfil my passion of helping others to be healthier, sexier, happier versions of themselves in so many ways – from weight loss coaching, to webinar trainings and business mentoring – but what equally ignites my soul is travel, experience, connection, creativity and of course writing! I’m really excited to now be writing for online lifestyle magazine ‘More than Food’ as well as bringing my personal and professional experiences to ‘pen and paper’ or more accurately ‘keyboard and screen’ here on my looooong overdue blog.

Whether I’m jotting about the worlds most yumazing ‘superfoods’, how insanely awesome antioxidants are (they really are!) or simply just soul searching in my journal, I am super happy.

Likewise if I’m not ‘food-gasiming’ over a show-stopping Flat White (I’m a Kiwi after all!) you will no doubt find me hiking somewhere with a view or attempting (with dodgy hips and a crook back) to master the yogini within!

Though I spent 11 years running my health and nutrition business in the UK and of course New Zealand is still my home, India has so far been the place to truly capture my heart – just one of the many totally unexpected life occurrences the universe had in store for me. India holds a special place in my heart as a retreat for healing and self discovery. I know it sounds cliché, but of course clichés are only so because the are true. From the healing foods to the healing hearts, my first taste of India in April 2015 was the start of something special. What began as a passionate love affair has grown in to a consciously co-dependent romance and I am constantly inspired to share this crazy, beautiful, divinely dynamic place with others who are also in need of it’s powers.

At the beginning of this year, I made a promise to myself to follow the sun, while exploring my true self at the same time as expanding my professional knowledge.

The details of what’s to come are welcomingly unclear, but I feel the universe is preparing me for something beyond the realms of my cognition and one thing is for sure; I’m in the middle of an awesomely expansive journey that is not only going to benefit me but also those I love and those I am here to coach and help.

So, I hope you enjoy the read and the recipes!

With love, adventure, health and happiness

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